CCTCh Research Fellowship in Theoretical Chemistry

The Chicago Center for Theoretical Chemistry (CCTCh) at the University of Chicago invites exceptional young scientists who have recently been awarded, or who are about to be awarded, the doctoral degree at institutions around the world to submit an online application for a CCTCh Research Fellowship in Theoretical Chemistry. The application period is now closed.

The Graduate and Postdoc Women’s Fellowship at D. E. Shaw Research

The Graduate and Postdoc Women’s Fellowship at D. E. Shaw Research is a small gathering of select women graduate students and postdocs pursuing computational or theoretical research in chemistry, biophysics, or related fields from May 13-14. This is an opportunity for women working in these fields to make meaningful connections with other researchers from across the country, discuss their work with DESRES scientists, and explore research projects in detail. Fellowship attendees will come together for two days of virtual activities, including technical presentations, talks by participants, career development discussions, and networking. Read more here

Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry

The Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry is a biennial summer school program held in Telluride, Colorado and facilitated by the Telluride Science Research Center (TSRC). About thirty participants who are competitively selected from the applicant pool are invited to attend and work closely with three or four senior faculty members, plus one or two of the ACS Physical Division Awardees during this one-week intensive program. The application period for the Summer 2021 program is now closed. Read more here.